Squadcast Labs Private Limited

Software Engineer

Full-Time in Banaglore, IN - Remote OK - Ebgineering

Squadcast is an incident-management platform for software teams of all sizes and shapes.

Our product helps global organisations adopt Site Reliability Engineering practices to improve their incident resolution metrics and ultimately, the reliability of their systems. If you're excited about engaging user experiences, snappy interfaces, and trustworthy systems, we should talk!

We ideate fast, embrace change, and take risks. From scaling our business model to expanding our offerings, the day-to-day at Squadcast offers endless professional growth opportunities. Our engineers work on state-of-the-art tech stacks with a high degree of autonomy.

You will:

  1. Work with a team of skilled engineers to improve the Squadcast product.
  2. Control what you work on, how you deliver and the roadmap of the product.
  3. Solve service reliability problems for teams and companies worldwide.
  4. Build delightful experiences and scalable, reliable systems for fellow engineers, the end users of our platform.
  5. Plan & develop tooling, processes and technical improvements to improve the multiple codebases.
  6. Work closely with the product team to plan, spec and deliver features, bugfixes and documentation.
  7. Identify and fix architecture, security and code quality issues.
  8. Work with the SRE and Customer Success teams to help customers and troubleshoot issues during our paid on-call rotations.
  9. Build, deploy and manage services and front-ends using Go/Node, React/Redux/Rx/Typescript, MongoDB/Redis/Elasticsearch, deployed using GCP/GKE/Terraform.

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  1. Are passionate about building products for fellow engineers.
  2. Are a full-stack engineer, or a frontend/backend engineer interested in expanding to other areas of the stack.
  3. Either have experience in our tech stack, or want to work on it. We care about your general engineering skills and learning abilities more than your current tech stack.
  4. Communicate proactively and work autonomously, requiring minimal supervision or follow up.
  5. Like to collaborate and pair with other engineers.
  6. Want to own features end-to-end: bring your ideas to the stakeholders, build consensus, plan, implement, deploy and release.

You might work on:

  1. Backend: Migrating our primary database from MongoDB to PostgreSQL.
  2. Frontend: A fast, snappy electron version of our product.
  3. DevOps: Granular distributed tracing across ~20 services and front-ends.