Squadcast Labs Private Limited

Site Reliability Engineer

Full-Time in Bangalore, IN - Remote OK - Mid Level - Engineering


  • Work with a team of skilled engineers to improve the Squadcast product.
  • Control what you work on, how you deliver and the roadmap of the product.
  • Solve service reliability problems for teams and companies worldwide.
  • Build delightful experiences and scalable, reliable systems for fellow engineers, the end users of our platform.
  • Plan & develop tooling, processes and technical improvements to improve the multiple codebases.
  • Work closely with the product team to plan, spec and deliver features, bugfixes and documentation.
  • Identify and fix architecture, security and code quality issues.
  • Work with the Engineering, Product and Customer Success teams to help customers and troubleshoot issues during our paid on-call rotations.
  • Build, deploy and manage services and front-ends using Go/Node, React/Redux/Rx/Typescript, MongoDB/Redis/Elasticsearch, deployed using GCP/GKE/Terraform.


  • Are passionate about building products for fellow engineers.
  • Are a full-stack engineer, or a frontend/backend engineer interested in expanding to other areas of the stack.
  • Either have experience in our tech stack, or want to work on it. We care about your general engineering skills and learning abilities more than your current tech stack.
  • Communicate proactively and work autonomously, requiring minimal supervision or follow up.
  • Like to collaborate and pair with other engineers.
  • Want to own features end-to-end: bring your ideas to the stakeholders, build consensus, plan, implement, deploy and release.