Squadcast Labs Private Limited

Technical Pre-sales Engineer

Full-Time in Bangalore, IN - Associate - Sales

Who are you?

You are a developer needing a break from the code, a DevOps looking for a hybrid role between technical and interpersonal skills, or a consultant wishing to implement solutions and create an impact. You will bridge the gap between the sales process and the technical implementation of Squadcast platform. So if you have a passion for Technology and wish you could find a career to blend your passion for tech with your strong interpersonal skills then this is your opportunity.

What You Will Be Doing?

  • Engaging with prospective customers and conducting technical discovery
  • Demonstrating Squadcast platform to prospective clients
  • Working closely with Sales and handling technical objections
  • Helping customers integrate Squadcast platform into their environments
  • Owning Proof of Concepts based on customer requirements to demonstrate the feasibility of the application, often requiring rapid prototyping
  • Working closely with Product and Engineering teams to ensure customer feedback is captured and executed

Skills required for the role:

  • 1-3 years of experience as SRE, DevOps, Software Developer, Support Engineer, or an Implementation expert
  • Proficient in MySql, Node.js, Go and knowledge in any other language is a plus
  • Good understanding of HTTP Requests, Webhooks and REST APIs, API Development Platforms such as Postman or Insomnia, and code editors such as Sublime
  • Good understanding of Markup languages like YAML and JSON, Text Formatting languages such as Markdown
  • Proficiency with Version Control tools such as Git
  • Experience with Cloud computing and Networking
  • Hands-on experience with modern technologies (Containers, Kubernetes, Logging, Monitoring, CD)
  • Experience working with SAAS solutions
  • Strong interpersonal skills