Squadcast Labs Private Limited

Integrations/ Solutions Engineer

Full-Time in Bengaluru, IN - Associate - Product

Integrations/ Solutions Engineer

Department: Product

What you will do

  • You will work closely with the Engineering & Product teams to understand, prioritize and contribute to the Alert Source Integrations & Extensions (ITSM & ChatOps) space within the Product.
  • Work with the Marketing for Integration Partnerships by building new integrations / revamping existing ones based on the partnership requirements.
  • You will conduct your own research on our Competition & their integrations to build and own Squadcast’s Integrations & Extensions Roadmap.
  • Build Internal Tools to empower teams to do more with less.
  • Help develop migration tools and automation scripts for customers to use to set-up Squadcast
  • Help write and maintain documentation for any customer facing product addition like Integrations / Extensions.
  • Help the Support Team debug any issues with respect to Alert Sources & Extensions in the product.
  • Conduct periodic testing of existing Alert sources and extensions
  • Build integrations with configuration management tools like Terraform & Ansible

What you will need

Hard Skills:

  • 2-4 years of experience in Software Development and are interested in building tools that help internal teams and our customers.
  • Comfortable with languages such as MySql & Go. Knowing any other language is a bonus!
  • Good working knowledge on REST APIs and Webhooks
  • Strong understanding of Web Services, Containers, Databases and Cloud Infrastructure (AWS, GCP).
  • Strong understanding of Infrastructure as a Code tools like Terraform, Configuration Management Tools like Ansible, Version Control tools like Git. Anything else is a bonus, again!
  • Help develop migration tools and automation scripts for customers to use to set-up Squadcast
  • Comfortable with basics of Jekyll and related Ruby knowledge

Soft Skills:

  • The ability to communicate well - in person, on paper, or in code. You can explain technical concepts to product managers, other engineers, and support teams.
  • You enjoy working in fast paced environments.
  • You enjoy solving any problem thrown at you
  • You have a firm grasp of clean code principles
  • You have the ability to empathise with your customers and teammates.
  • You’re keen about constantly learning new things and look to become an expert in some